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    來源:http://www.sanguozhu.com/ 發布時間:2023-06-22
    The main components of air purification engineering include six parts, namely: ground system, air duct system, automatic control system, electrical system, water supply and drainage system, and air filtration system.
    Ground system: Generally, epoxy resin is used to clean the ground. Enclosure structure system: Simply put, it consists of three parts: the top, wall, and ground, which are the six surfaces that make up a three-dimensional enclosed space. To be more specific, it includes doors and windows, decorative arcs, etc;
    Air duct system: including supply air, return air, fresh air, exhaust ducts, terminals, and control devices; Air conditioning system: including cold (hot) water units (including water pumps, cooling towers, etc.) (or air-cooled pipeline units, etc.), pipelines, combined purification air conditioning boxes (including mixed flow section, initial efficiency section, heating section, refrigeration section, dehumidification section, pressurized section, medium efficiency section, static pressure section, etc.);
    Automatic control system: including temperature control, temperature control, air volume and pressure control, opening sequence and time control, etc;
    Electrical system: lighting, power, weak current three parts, including purification lamps, sockets, electrical cabinets, wiring, monitoring, telephone and other strong and weak current systems;
    Water supply and drainage system: water supply and drainage pipelines, facilities, and control devices, etc;
    Air filtration system: High efficiency filters and other purification equipment, such as ozone, ultraviolet lamps, air showers (including cargo showers), transfer windows, ultra clean workbenches, interconnection locks and other purification auxiliary equipment.
    The specific content of the six main components of the air purification project has been explained. We hope to provide you with good help. For more information, please come to our website http://www.sanguozhu.com Consult and take a look!
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